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Samuel Luiz (Justicia para Samuel) - Silvio Alino 2021 .JPEG

Justice for Samuel


I created this artwork in memory of Samuel Luiz Muñiz, the 24 year old young man beaten to death in a homophobic attack in the city of A Coruña, Galicia, Spain on 3 July 2021.
I stand with the LGBTQI+ community and with all the people who are protesting against this crime. No one should live in fear of being murdered for being who they are.
I'm sending all my love and support to Samuel's family and friends and I really hope that some day we will all be free to be ourselves and live this life in peace and harmony.
This artwork is available now for free download, so you can share his story and his name and to spread the word of what is going on. You can share it or gift it to your friends, print it and take it with you to the demonstrations, paste it up on the walls, hang it in your window or just be creative with it.

Stay safe, be strong and keep fighting for your rights!

Silvio Alino


22 July 2021

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