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Silvio Alino is self taught pop artist born in 1980 in Romania. He lives and works between Barcelona and Ibiza.

His art reflects the undeniable feeling of pop art of the 1980´s, in which the artist reuses and reproduces a careful selection of iconic contemporary images mixed with texts and logos, all with the aim of denouncing the culture of abundance and consumerism of the society. 

In 2015, four of his artworks from the series "Pop Icon" were chosen by Madonna herself as part of the backdrop video of the song "Rebel Heart" during the "Rebel Heart World Tour".

Silvio Alino's work has been exhibited in many national and international galleries, in art fairs and we will also find it in private collections. 
He currently works with several galleries in Barcelona, Ibiza, Berlin, Toronto and the United States.
Silvio Alino _Pop Icon_ Madonna - Rebel Heart Tour 2015-2016.JPEG
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